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Customer Testimonials

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April 2017 – Want to thank you guys for your patient, efficient, and quick solution to
setting up the Set Point function properly since the new System drive installed.
You did it by Remote and solved in a few minutes, and answered my questions.


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I want to thank you for fixing my computer it is running great. Quick Connect Computer Services built it 10 years ago. The graphics card just went out and I thought I needed a new one.  They told me I did not, but recommended I get solid-state drive for it to speed it up.


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I want to thank you for your assignment to my project.  You guys are very good at diagnosing and fixing PC problems, explaining the issues and answering questions, but most of all, you are very patient with panicked customers!!!

-Larry Obrist, Lincoln, NE

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I just wanted to tell you of another great experience I had at your Lincoln location. My computer nearly died, so we went to Lincoln.  Gene took it in and advised me of Costs to repair, but I thought it was better to get another computer.  (more…)

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Yesterday Steve came and worked on our computer and installed a new printer for us. He was polite, knowledgeable,and thorough.  I will be sending all my friends to your business. Steve is a jewel in the crown of Quick Connect!
– Cheri Langill

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We recently fixed the computers at Dr Morin’s office here in Lincoln, NE.  The Dr sent us a Starbucks gift card with a super nice note!   Thank you for considering us for your Computer Repair needs!! (more…)

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CardDid a computer repair service call last week for Accurate Locksmith’s in Omaha, NE.  The customer sent a thank you card which was really appreciated.  Thank you... for the Thank you!!!  

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Testimonial from one of our customers: Greetings, I visited the Lincoln location to purchase a renewal of my Kaspersky on 22 Dec. You took time to show me how to get my computer updated w/o inserting the disc. It worked perfectly - - as I expected thanks to your instructions. I want you to know I APPRECIATE the time you spent with me and the advice you provided. (more…)

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FialasJudy at Fiala's Trucking in Greenwood sent us a real nice note with her payment the other day. Thanks so much Judy!  

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A customer of ours said good things about us on Facebook. Thanks Ms Wassenberg!

8-17-2014 10-36-21 PM

I would recommend Quick Connect Computer Services to anyone for all computer needs........PERIOD! I have used Kris and his great staff for many, many years and always happy with their customer service and knowledge.

Check out the Facebook post here


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"I want to say what makes your company stand above the rest are your employees. Stephen and Matt are tops in their field when it comes to customer service. They make it comfortable to ask questions and their responses are in laymen terms that even the least skilled computer person has an idea of what was explained to them. A Certificate of Appreciation for their customer service and computer expertise skills is enclosed. Your company will remain number 1 in our household because of the outstanding service that your company and your employees provide."

Kit Peterson



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The Garage Company bought custom built computers from us and here is a note we got from Mark the owner.  We moved all the data, installed the PCs onsite for no extra charge. IMAG0710

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Brandon's Outstanding Customer Service


Dear Kris,

I have worked in Customer Service for more than 20 years;15 in bilingual Spanish technical support. I want to commend your company on the awesome technical assistance that Brandon has providing me in getting all the comfort buttons loaded for my 73 year old impatient Mother.

I truly appreciate his professionalism and his knowledge in helping resolve these small yet important issues. His outstanding service will keep my family as being loyal customers. Support as you know makes all the difference.

Best regards,

Lisa Burkey
Everyday Indulgence

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After being referred to Quick Connect by a friend — and knowing my old 32 bit Windows PC was on it’s last leg, I gave Quick Connect a call and emailed them the specifications for what kind of PC I was looking for. QC was very detailed about the options I had available to me in various price ranges. After looking at the options I choose a PC that fit my needs and within my budget. After building the PC for me and running it through stress testing they shipping the PC to me. Out of the box this is one of the best PCs I have ever owned. You can tell that QC put a lot of work into quality components and insuring that everything was exactly how I wanted it. I’m very impressed with Quick Connects responsiveness to questions and their desire to make sure the customer is happy. I will definitely be recommending Quick Connect to anyone who is looking for a quality, well-built PC!

– Brian Coulombe

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Working with Ben at Quick Connect Computer Services makes having computer issues much easier to tolerate! He goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of his customers. We are extremely grateful to Ben and recommend Quick Connect Computer Services to anyone/business having computer concerns.

Jennifer Erchul

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I became a customer in 2007 or 2008, soon after moving to Lincoln for opening a business. With six computers (and my lack of understanding of them) there have been many break-downs + some virus’s (more than I liked). Your staff has been so very helpful, professional, competent, upfront about time frames (Always met or sooner). I felt enough comfort with QuickConnect to have you build me the Only computer I have ever had built for me (a laptop). Now, I would only come to QC when purchasing a new computer.

Rich Pfeiffer

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To whom it may concern. I thought I’d email you guys and say how happy I am. The PC you built is fantastic! It far exceeded my expectations. The quality of the components i s excellent. The price was just where I researched it to be. Your customer service is out of this world, I wish more places where as good. From the moment I asked for a quote; every step of the way I got responses to emails or calls almost before I could put down the phone. I have already told people about your business and will continue to do so for a long time. Keep up the great Work!

Eric Elkins

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Dear Mr Yoder,

I did wish to follow up regarding my service and experience that I had at your shop in Omaha. The service was beyond belief, I brought in one of my computers in the morning and your tech found the problem and had the work completed that afternoon. The experience that I have had with Quick Connect went far beyond my expectations and the service, to me, was very cost effective. I commend your staff for their customer service and being able to exceed the beyond the customers expectations. Thank you for having a company that know about customer service in a world where that is becoming a rare commodity.

John Bekins

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I just wanted to drop a line to again thank you for the superb work you did on my computer. Got it hooked up and it’s running great – just as it did before the power supply died (thank goodness no components were damaged when the power supply failed, a blessing to be sure). Of particular note, the power supply fan is so quiet (in comparison to the last one) that it’s hard to know the computer is even on! Amazing!


I was really impressed with your work – your attention to detail, wrapping everything up in a bundle like you did. It’s much appreciated – especially when taking into account the last person to work on my computer (not affiliated with Quick Connect), who did nothing of the sort (the items I brought with the computer back then were tossed inside a box with no regard). So, again, thanks. I will make sure to spread the word far and wide about your services.


Best regards,

Linda Helmig

Omaha, NE

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December 15, 2011

We recently had both our lap tops “cleaned up” and a new virus program installed. Tanner Maddux was the Tech I discussed issues with and did the work. I appreciated Tanner’s quiet, thorough patience in answering my questions and concerns. I also discussed options available in back-up programs and I had a lot of questions. Tanner was able to give me a straight forward response to every question and concern I had.

I am happy to say, at least so far, both computers are working fine following your work. I think Tanner did a great job.

Richard & Christy Chartier

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No questions this time, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help you gave me recently. The Quick Book work you done saved me many hours of work. I really, really appreciate your efforts to make my life easier with a computer. Thanks again and have a fantastic day.



Dennis Boettcher

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Just a quick note to say that I have never been anything but pleased with the service I've gotten from your tech guys. Great work on all fronts.

Thanks for all your help!

Gerry Shapiro

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You guys at Quick Connect did an outstanding job in getting my computer back up and running. The computer now is running better than ever! Next time I have a problem with it, you will be getting my business!

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Levi came today to install my new pc.. So far, I am absolutely thrilled with it!!! I notice many little changes that are good, and different enough from my ACER that I really like.

I may stop in later this week to get my other shell if you still have it??? I would like to donate it to a theatre department to be used as a prop for productions.

I also told Levi I will be making you guys some have taken good care of me and I appreciate it. I always like to do my business "locally" rather than save a few bucks and go with the big-name guys. Good service behind the sale is what I value the most, and Quick Connect definitely rates well on that scale. I feel very comfortable contacting your company with any future questions or purchases. I appreciate also that your techs don't make me feel "uncomfortable" just because I don't use all the modern technology that is available to me...

Thank you again, and keep up the good work!!!

Lisa J

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Your team did a wnderful job on my computer. I didn't lose anything and the virus is gone and the service was excellent and quick. I will bring it in again if the need ever comes again.

Thanks again so much.

Scott Gibson

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Hi Kris,

I just wanted to acknowledge the excellent assistance I got from QC and in particular Talon, who resurrected my aging Alienware Area 51 and replaced the graphics card, hard drive and op system..he really went the extra mile and it runs better than it ever did..thanks, Larry

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Hi Kris,

I just wanted to let you know what a great experience I had with Levi as our tech. I am personally sending my commending the choice of you having him with you as staff. He was great with communication and handles my some what panicky querks very well. He's a keeper! Well mannered, attentive, and seems to have just the right rapport. I just wanted to express my gratitude in extending the warranty that I ignored. Thanks again, Pat on the back for Levi.

Your Friends Bill and Karen Svhel

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You perhaps don't remember when we bought our unit from you. It was July 07 and we had just received a [named brand] tower and keyboard that was mis-represented. After 2 hours of being passed from their tech support (Ha) to customer support, I gave them 4 hours to fix the problem and let me know the out come or expect it back; they didn't and the next day we ordered from you. Later that day they called and said they were sending a technician and a new monitor. I told them it was too late and that the credit card charge had been put in dispute and to come get the equipment.

My point is this. I'm a real pain in the butt when not happy. I try to be reasonable as long as those I'm dealing with are also. At the same time, I deeply believe one's work should be praised with the same vigor as they are criticized when work falls short. I was in industrial sales for 25 years and always based my efforts on the theory that people do business with people; not companies. You have proved to me that you have a similar approach and I applaud you and your employee's efforts.

Best regards,

Steve Witt

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Dear Quick Connect Management:

Recently, we had trouble w/our computer. I just pulled your name out of the phone book because I'd seen your add once on TV. I just want to tell you we will recommend your services to anyone who needs help!! You were very responsive, prompt and knowledgeable. Your technician, Dustin, came to our house the same day of our call. He was very kind, thorough, and professional.My computer has never been faster.

About a week later, we had some trouble with unwanted soliciations. He came back and fixed everything. Again....professionally, promptly, and without making me feel embarrassed by my lack of knowledge.

Thank you so much and please give Dustin a pat on the back!

Lisa Bash

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Hi Kris,

Thank you very much for your consideration and reduction of charges...I feel that was more than fair.

I think you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for us over the years. You and your staff have always been here when we needed you and taken care of everything. Thank you...service is somewhat of a lost art these days and I appreciate your continued effort in giving the best service that I have experienced in the technical field.

You have a great day Kris and will talk soon (as I am sure we will do something to our computers that will need to be fixed).

Sylvia Dunlap
Operations Manager
Cornerstone Travel Group
Phone: (800) 876-1187, (402) 423-4646

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Thank you so much for the quick response. Yes it is much older than 3 years......more like 13 or so!! I do have another Dell that I want to bring in and get repaired and updated but just have not yet. You guys have treated me excellently the times I have needed to have work done and my laptop and I would highly recommend you all to anyone!!

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Love my new computer. Dustin did a fine job. Your website is COOL, too. I love that you guys know what you're doing. THANKS to all, Josh and Dustin and you.

Barb Wassenberg
CUBS Distributing
Lincoln, NE

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Cambell and Associates testimonial note

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Thanks for the printer info. However, after cleaning the heads on our LexMark with alcohol the color cartridge is working fine now. I'll keep your new printer suggestions on file as I know our time with this printer is limited. Again thanks for your expert service. Our computer is operating perfectly and I'd recommend your company to anyone. Have a great day.

Deb Schorr
Lincoln, NE

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Just a note to say that Josh did an excellent job on my computer. He's quite congenial and seems very knowledgeable.

Have a good summer,
Don Endacott
Retired Judge

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The one [QCPC Jr.] you set up is the bomb!! I am on it everyday, which did not happen with the old one. Thank-you all so much for bringing joy and communication in to our lives.

I have always been pleased with the service and pleasantness of everyone I have done business with.

Take Care,
Christine Kunz

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I wanted to put in writing what I mentioned to you yesterday. You and your staff are incredible!! Everyone's professionalism is...the key to your success.

Thanks again to everyone and kudos to you for setting the highest of standards.

Paul Hrdy
Manager at a Local Cable Company
Lincoln, NE

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Karen Stewart

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It has been just over a week since Josh came out to fix my computer and I just wanted you to know how thrilled I am with the way it has been running this week!! I had been at WIT'S END with it!! Josh worked miracles with it. When he came, he got right to work, installed the Sypware programs, fixed the DVD player and just did a wonderful job!! He was so nice to answer my questions. I am a 'rookie' at the computer but I am willing and eager to understand more about it. He even made a clever suggestion regarding my home page that I appreciated. I am so glad I got your phone number from John's Auto and that Josh could fix the problems with the computer. Many many thanks. I also wanted you to know that I saw your ad on Channel 18 this last week!! Thanks again for the HELP!!

Candy Crellin

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Hello Kris,

You once said that you sell computers. Do you mind if I tell you what you really sell.

Reassurance and Trust.

In our society many people are afraid of computers, and yet they depend on them for their livelihood. You provide reassurance to the customer. You tell them if there is a problem in the future, call me. I will come. What you sell is far more precious than computers.

I have had the honor of watching how you operate. Bill Gates built Microsoft Empire on trust. Many people think it was software. George Lucas built his empire on trust.

Since 9/11 people have been searching for someone who they can trust. It is a powerful word. You have built Quick Connect on a strong foundation. I will enjoy watching it grow. You do have a brilliant mind and the ability to see what others cannot.


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Marian Calvert testimonial for Quick Connect

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Dear Professor Noguchi,

It is nice to hear from you and I hasten to answer your questions.

I am at my other campus office and my IMO records are at another office, consequently, I do not know my cost charge records with me. I will subsequently send you this information.

A total of 80 of the 83 countries used the web to provide confidential information about their Leader, Deputy, team, observers and their travel plans. You know doubt have access to the format of the page for Japan that is still available. Your password is ******* Once the information was available we could use ACCESS to prepare various sorts of information including airline arrivals and departures. The process was many times better than using a paper trail.

The company I used is called Quick Connect Computer Services and my contact person is Duane Teeters who did an outstanding job of setting up the page and the associated programs.

The name of the owner is Kristan Yoder whose email address is . For further reference you may wish to check their web site with the address

I certainly recommend this company without reservations.

I send my best wishes to you and your colleagues.


Dr. Walter E. Mientka
Executive Director, IMO 2001 USA Inc.

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January 24, 2002

Kris Yoder
Quick Connect Computer Services
5000 Central Park Drive, Suite 204
Lincoln, NE 68504

Dear Kris:

I want to thank you for all the help you have been to me over the years of our working relationship.

The computer you built for me has worked exceptionally well (once I stopped throwing that monkey-wrench into it), and the time and effort you put in fixing my mistakes - at your own cost - is greatly appreciated.

One thing that stands out to me: you did not over-sell. Although you could have sold me a computer for a whole lot more money, you advised me to get only what I REALLY needed - not what the industry SAID I needed. And, when I asked about up-grading, you honestly told me that an up-grade was not called for at this time.

Your on-site service has always been timely and courteous, and your on-line answers to my questions have been very helpful.

And, I have seen you grow in this business. The best is yet to come. Thanks.


Tom Anson
Anson Digital Concerns

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south point pavilions logo

February 1, 2001

To Whom It May Concern;

As a long-standing customer and computer wizard want-to-be, I feel compelled to write this letter in support of Quick Connect Computer Services and Kris Yoder. I have found the level of expertise and professionalism to be more than you normally find in a small business these days.

Being of a generation a little before computers I find a wealth of information at my fingertips. And yet do not have all the skills needed to find that information from time to time. This company and its employees has always had a solution to any question or problem that we have posed. They've handled it promptly and with a knowledge that seems second nature.

In this world of computers, email, digital imaging and Palm Pilots I have found a gold mine in Quick Connect and Kris. When they say "We're CONNECTED with our CUSTOMERS." they mean it. Being associated with this company has been very enjoyable and very informative.


Joan M. Yant
General Manager
SouthPointe Pavilions

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December 21, 2000

Kris Yoder
Quick Connect
1033 'O' Street, STE 607
Lincoln, NE 68508-3621

Dear Kris:

Lynn and I want to send you our greetings of the Holiday Season, and also to take this opportunity to tell you how much we appreciate all that you have done for us during the past five years of our business relationship.

It seems a long way back to 1994 when we 'retired' from the corporate world and launched our Charitable Planned Giving Consulting Service. We were pretty green about the computer world, and your advice, counsel and help in getting us established with all of the right computer tools has been invaluable. You have upgraded and taught us well during these past five years, and your web work for our site gave us a step forward. You are always 'on the spot' when we have a seeming 'crisis,' and your excellent service has been an enormous help to us.

I guess what we'd like to say, aside from Merry Christmas, is "We couldn't have done it without ya!"


John and Lynn Boomer