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A website is often the first place a potential customer will look for information about your company. Even if it’s not your first contact with a customer, a useful, good web design will go a long way in helping to establish a long, trusting relationship.

What Can A New Website Do for My Company?

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At its minimum, a website will augment your other forms of branding and advertising. At its greatest, a new website design can drive a significant amount of leads and sales to grow your business even further and help you manage the different aspects of your organization. A website can also bolster your offline advertising by giving interested customers a place to go for more information right away. As ad time and space are limited, you can provide more useful info and have a greater chance of converting a potential customer with a target page on your site for an ad. This can also give you another way to find the specific ad types and formats that convert the best, so you can spend your advertising dollars more effectively.


Content is, and always will be, the most crucial part of a website. Your business wants to clearly state its goals, services, and products to potential customers. Well-written content will keep a visitor flowing through pages and absorbing all the possibilities your business can offer them. If your website has no content or poorly written content, there is no drive for a visitor to continue through the site. They will move on to the next business that is more interesting and appears to offer more, even if this is not the case. Keeping content up to date and adding new content will keep visitors checking back, increasing traffic. And content doesn’t just have to be text either. It could be a handy utility that makes something easier or gives them relevant information.


A clean, attractive design is important to help establish trust with a customer. A design that is cluttered with too many aspects can confuse customers and obscure the goals of your site. An effective design is one that represents your business properly and gives a clear mapping of the information you are presenting and the services you offer. Your design should also be standards-compliant to help make sure it can be used by everyone. Interactivity between your visitors and you are a key technique for customers to feel involved and reinforce company loyalty. It is also imperative to your business that your website has a responsive design meaning that it is mobile-friendly and correctly displays on mobile and other hand-held devices and tablets.


All sites should have a simple form to let your customers easily contact you for any reason at all. This allows customers to initiate contact with you whenever it works best for them, and not just during your regular business hours. You should also give visitors something to act on to keep them coming back to the site. Fresh content is an indirect form of interactivity, and the ability for visitors to leave comments or reviews is a great way to keep them involved. This also helps you find out how your customers feel and how certain services are working from different perspectives. Mailing lists can let your customers know you’re still there for them in a multitude of ways and keep you top of mind over other competitors.

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