QuickBooks Tip: Merging Customers

2021 Apr

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor

Here is a tip for the day for those of you that have wondered how to Merge Customers in QuickBooks. There is no “merge” function

Spring Clean Your Computer

2021 Mar

Dont for get to Spring Clean your Computer this year

As the temperatures start to rise here in Nebraska, we look forward to Spring.  Oftentimes this leads to decluttering and spring cleaning. 

QC Customer Appreciation

2021 Feb


We love our customers!  More times than not they are the bright spot in our day.  So when we get

QCPC Showcase

2021 Jan

QCPC WorkStations

Check out the monster QCPC Workstations we built last month for our new clients! These PCs will be used for scientific research

Custom Built QCPC Under the Tree

2020 Dec

Quick Connect Christmas

Tis’ the season for new toys and technology.  With Christmas fast approaching, lists for Santa are being written with fever. 

QuickBooks Problems? We can HELP!

2020 Nov

QuickBooks Certified Pro advisor

Did you know we are experts in QuickBooks? We recently ran into issues with QuickBooks Desktop due to the 2004 Update for Windows

QC Provides Dental Office IT

2020 Sep

Dental Office IT and technology support

Here is something you may not know about Quick Connect.  We provide the IT support for many, local Dental Offices and have so for decades!