Throw Back Thursday!

2018 May

So… As a joke, we set up one of our coworkers with a CRT monitor and old school keyboard. We called it, Throw Back Thursday!  

PCI Compliance – Are you ready?

2018 May

PCI Compliance - Credit Card Data Security

Do you want help with PCI Compliance at your company?  We specialize in helping companies become PCI complaint! Your first question might be, do I need it?  If you take credit cards over the phone, through a web page, or a

QC Installs Network Access Point

2018 Apr

qc installed wireless access point

We finished installing the router and wireless access point at a brand new law office opening soon. Check out the professional installation.  We had to climb in their attic for this…

MacBook Pro Aluminum Case Fix

2018 Apr

This Mac Book Pro was experiencing an electrical short due to the Aluminum Case.

We had an interesting job today. A customer brought in a MacBook Pro that was crashing when it was moved around. A closer look revealed that pressure on the bottom panel was causing the issue.  After some troubleshooting;

QC “Super” Computer Technician

2018 Apr

So much of your life revolves around the computers in your home and your office.  Often times when you have computer problems it can be catastrophic and chaotic!

Cable Clutter Clean Up

2018 Mar

Cable clutter is the bane of the modern office. Sure, we are trying to go wireless as much as possible, but there are still plenty of cords snaking around the average workstation.

Quick Fix: Data Cable Failure

2018 Feb

Here is a good lesson for all you weekend warriors out there.  We had a client that requested we purchase them a new scanner because their existing scanner was getting power but wouldn’t work.  So we did as per their request. 

Old School QCPC

2018 Feb

Old School QCPC

We ran across an Old School QCPC (a custom built computer we built). It is about 16 years old and still running like a charm for our client!

Graphics Card Shortage

2018 Feb

I don’t think we have ever seen such a shortage of Ram and Graphics cards for as long as we have been in business. 


2017 Dec

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Quick Connect! We had a very busy 2017 and are looking forward to 2018!