2017 Dec

HAPPY NEW YEAR from all of us at Quick Connect! We had a very busy 2017 and are looking forward to 2018!

New QC Campaign Launch

2017 Nov

Check out our new ad campaign that is running on all major websites including MSN, CNN, YAHOO, BING, etc!

Thank You From a Happy Customer

2017 Oct

Miriam LeBlanc of Usborne Books dropped off a plate of cookies and a thank you card this week for a job well done! Thank you, Ms. LeBlanc. They were delicious!

New QC Billboard on 33rd & O Street!

2017 Sep

We are excited our new Billboard campaign has started this week. Check out one of our billboards at the high-profile intersection at 33rd and O Streets in Lincoln.

We’ve Added More Technicians!!

2017 Sep

We added new staff to each of our stores in the last 3 weeks. They are working hard on their training with our more senior technicians. Good news is, we will be able to handle even more volume for repairs once they are fully integrated into their jobs.

QC Computer Repair Before & After

2017 Aug

Our attention to detail really shows through in our work!  Here is a before & after picture of a computer repair job we did last week that we also did a full wire organize inside the case.  

Drone Gets Birdseye View of QC

2017 Aug

We had some DRONE! photography of our office done last week. We are going to use some of these shots in our ads, etc. This sort of thing was unavailable just a few, short years ago.

QC SEO/SEM Increases Web Traffic

2017 Jun

Here is a lovely little graph that shows the steady increase in traffic since we started SEO/SEM work on a customer’s site. As you can see, his company started pretty much at zero.

Space Saving Custom Built Computer

2017 Jun

Check out this modern installation of one of our custom built computers with the monitor mounted on the wall. A true space saving idea on a desk such as this.  The customer was impressed!   We even ran the wires through the wall for them.