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Referrals are always welcome!

Jan 16

To survive and grow Quick Connect since 1996, it has been paramount to have a growing, loyal following of customers that consistently refer our company.   Our expert technicians, up front flat rates for computer repair, no hassle follow ups, and referral coupons for all referring customers are just a handful of things our customers have come to expect.  2014 brings new opportunities due to our "referral kingpin customers"!!  We couldn't do it without you!

Quick Connect Commercials

Sep 05

Computer Counseling
Continuing on with our 'comedic' commercials, this commercial explores the frustrations of the user AND the computer.

Homeless PC
Another one of our humorous computer personification commercials. If your computer needs to get cleaned up and back on track, let us help!

General Fire and Safety Testimonial Commercial
RJ from General Fire and Safety took some time with our President Kris to recommend Quick Connect for your business. (09/2011)

Heartland Testimonial Commercial
Time Warner just finished a new Heartland Testimonial commercial and Quick Connect was invitied to be the feature advertiser for a promotional spot. QC was one of the first companies to advertise on this channel and I agreed whole heartedly to give my take on our advertising with this channel. (05/13/2009)

KPTM Great Question: Why do Mac computers typically have fewer viruses than a Windows Computer? (10/19/2008)
Our tech Levi is interviewed by KPTM on why Macs are less prone to virus infections than PCs.

QCTV 2.0
QCTV 2.0
Our new episode of QCTV is out! We cover Windows Vista, what makes our QCPC better than big-name brands. Troy Stentz from Somnos Sleep Disorder Center does a testimonial about our service and QCPC's.

We're not comedians
We might not be all that funny, but we can fix your computer or create a great website for you!

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Heartland Channel Testimonial

Sep 05

Hello, my name is Kristan Yoder, owner of Quick Connect Computer Services here in Lincoln.

The services we offer at Quick Connect are onsite and carry in computer repair services, our own brand of custom built computers with free setup and delivery along with a local onsite warranty, website development and programming services, laptop repair, and one on one tutoring.

A lot has happened at Quick Connect lately. We have posted over 50% growth each year for the last two years. We have also added a lot of office space, hired more talented, key people, and all the while kept our turn around time not more than 1-3 days in most cases. In our 9th year of business, we have seen growth in the double digits every single year but in the last couple of years we are really starting to flourish.

68% of our business this year is from customer referrals; that is up from 48% from last year. That means at Quick Connect Computer Services we are gaining more and more satisfied customers that are spreading the word about our computer service. With all of our successes, we are most proud of our customer referrals. When a satisfied customer of ours is willing to tell a friend about our service, they are in reality putting their name on the line to refer Quick Connect. For that, I say thank you.

We will continue to work hard to be the best at computer repair, period. My name is Kristan Yoder and I am proud to be the owner of Quick Connect Computer Services.

Kristan Yoder - Owner

QC and HIP Realty Commercial

Sep 05

We are running a new commercial on the Showcase channel. Below are some graphics and the text from the new commercial:

Kris: My name is Kristan Yoder of Quick Connect Computer Services, let me introduce one of my clients, Michael Holroyd of Holroyd Investment Properties.

Michael: HIP has grown and so have our needs for computer services...for network HIP's operations to run smoothly, we needed high speed internet on our large network of computers...HIP's property management software is crucial to our operations and Quick Connect has been able to maintain a high level of service and satisfaction...; Quick Connect has been an effective component to HIP's overall success...our outstanding website was created by Quick Connect and is located at

Jen: For more information, call Quick Connect or see their full page ad in the Alltel yellow pages under computers, or visit their website at

QC and Stanley Steemer Promotion

Sep 05

We teamed up with Stanley Steemer in our latest Heartland Channel promotion.

QC and Exhaust Pro

Sep 05

Exhaust Pros Testimonial for QC on the Heartland Channel

Hello my name is Kristan Yoder of Quick Connect Computer Services. We have been offering computer repair for close to 9 years now but did you know we also offer website design?

I have Hugo Flores owner of Exhaust Pros with me today. We are here to introduce his new website. It was developed by Quick Connect.

Hello my name is Hugo Flores of Exhaust Pros. I would like to introduce you to our new website at I would also like to take a moment and say how pleased I am with Quick Connect Computer Services. I am impressed by Quick Connect's friendly service. Their prices are fair, and they stand behind their work. Their service is also very prompt.

When my computers need support, I know I'm going to call Quick Connect Computer Services.

Heartland Channel Advertisement

Sep 05

QC Testimonial for the Heartland Channel
My name is Kristan Yoder of Quick Connect Computer Services here in Lincoln. I would like to take a moment to thank the staff of the Heartland Channel. We've been advertising with this channel for around 7 years and have found it a great way to get our company's name recognized. With the help of the Heartland Channel, Quick Connect has grown from a start-up company to reaching its first million dollar year in sales this year. As a business man, it is nice to know we can count on the advertising of the Heartland Channel to get the word out about Quick Connect.

Thanks again Ron and Jennifer

Kristan Yoder - Owner

QC and Hampton Inn

Sep 05

My name is Kristan Yoder of Quick Connect Computer Services and I would like to introducea repeat customer of ours. She is the general manager of the Hampton Inn by the Lincoln airport.

Hello my name is Monique. We recently had a major computer problem and I want to take a brief moment to explain the excellent service I received. I needed same day emergency service. Quick Connect was able to come out the same day and resolved the problem in less than one hour. Hampton Inn recommends Quick Connect for their computer repair services.

Thank you Monique. At Quick Connect, we are connected with our customers. And coming soon in June our second location is opening.

QC and Bankfirst

Sep 05

"Hello my name is Kristan Yoder with Quick Connect Computer Services. We recently finished one of our newest websites, Bank First"
"Hi, this is Ron Svoboda with Bank First Mortgage Lending. Kris and his staff at Quick Connect Computer Services recently completed our website. Quick Connect has been great to work with! During the process of development, they created an effective web page that will serve as a strong marketing tool for our company. Thank You Quick Connect Services."
Kris: "At Quick Connect, we're connected with our customers!"

QC and The Child Advocacy Center

Sep 05

"Hello, my name is Kristan Yoder, President of Quick Connect Computer Services. I would like to introduce a customer of ours, Lynn Ayers, Director of the Child Advocacy Center in Lincoln."
"We've been using QC since 2002. When we have a problem with our computers, we need immediate support. Quick Connect has provided us with excellent service.

Quick Connect also developed and maintain our website at We now have an online calendaring system built by Quick Connect so our associates can schedule appointments anywhere we have internet access.

At the Child Advocacy Center, we are pleased with the services we've received from Quick Connect and would recommend their services to anybody. "

Announcer: "Visit and for more information"