Customer Reviews

Mickey Johnston
21:11 24 May 17
I had dustin from Quick Connect come to my home for numerous issues from installing a new modem to helping set up my email on my smart phone. I have used several computer companies in the past and I will say, that Dustin, by far is the absolute BEST for a variety of reasons. I am computer illiterate to say the least. He explained things in terms I could understand. He was more than willingly to answer any and all my questions and I had a whole list of them. He didn't make me feel ignorant when asking my inquiries. In our conversation, I realized that prior providers had make excuses and given me erroneous information as well! He also was willing to schedule on my time clock too. I would recommend him highly and without more
18:45 13 Jun 17
My computer was running slow and overloaded with corrupt files, etc. I took it to this company for service. All was good. They quickly resolved the problems, cleaned up the obsolete information and returned with a workable machine. Also added a program to cleanup the computer as often as I wished. This machine was an older model running MS 7 Premium. Good service, explained the problems and charged reasonable rate. I will more
Shannon Dawson
15:36 25 May 17
Since relocating to Lincoln, I've called on Quick Connect twice for a range of computer services. I've benefited from having the same technician twice. We made excellent progress on both visits. I'll call on Quick Connect more
Andrea Staros
19:12 23 Mar 17
I have experienced both amazing technical support and customer service from this company. Dustin came out to setup/install and network a new computer for the animal clinic I manage. In the past, I have always done this myself but we have a new server and software so I figured it would be better left for a professional. It would have taken me at least all day if not longer to do what he did in 90 minutes! That was priceless to me. Thank you!read more
Dennis Mathias
16:09 18 Feb 17
I kind of know something about computers but when it comes to changing out modems and routers replacing TWC supplied subscriber equipment I thought it was better to get some help. K selected the equipment that would fit the bill since I have 25 network connections in my home. I needed something robust..not just in the data transfer bandwidth but RF signal strength. What I got appears to be a perfect fit.Installation..a little pricey but I got confidence that they will be there if I need them and that's everything. I figure by replacing the modem and router I can make up the difference in about a year (ROI). These guys are responsive!read more
Sean Dageforde
17:36 28 Jul 17
Awesome service, very knowledgeable. I've been building my own computers to save money for a couple years know, and for the first time found a problem there was no way I could fix. I called other shops and was told they would need to have my computer for a week. Matt at Quick Connect got it back to me in less than a full day with a clean build and running faster than it was before. I couldn't ask for better customer service or a nicer group of people to work with on computers. Highly recommend if you're planning on building a more
Bryce Schmielau
20:24 09 Sep 23
Gene was an amazing guy. He helped with my gaming pc got it working really fast. Would definitely recommend they also cleaned my pc reasonably priced! If you are a gamer and need your pc fixed or cleaned I would recommend this place!read more
Jonathan Redding
17:56 04 Oct 23
Simply put, Quick Connect is fantastic. I've used them for two computers over the span of 6+ years, and every time they surpass my expectations. They never overcharge, nor will they do something without your permission. They stand behind their work and do everything they can to make things right (or your money back!)I would rate them 6 stars out of 5 if I more
Thomas Hoegemeyer
02:18 13 Oct 23
I have worked with Quick Connect for years. They are prompt, and will honestly tell you how long a repair or transfer of data to a new computer will take. Recently, my laptop refused to find available wireless networks. I stopped by with the machine, and they fixed the issue in minutes, for NO CHARGE! GREAT more
Wendy Evans
19:51 07 Aug 23
I've used Quick Connect four times over the past year and have been very pleased with their services. They have come to the house twice for connection issues, took phone into them once and they helped me with a issue and I called just today for confirmation of an error message on my laptop from Microsoft Corp warning me of a Trojan Horse and to call a toll free number, which he said was a scam!! The Tech was so very helpful and gracious to help me over the phone and with just a few clicks of a button and restarting laptop I was up and running again. When I said I would pay for his help he said he didn't feel right charging me for what little he did. What better service can there be!! Very grateful for them and services they more