Excuse Our Mess, QC is Expanding

You may have noticed some construction next door to our Lincoln store.  Quick Connect is expanding our shop!!  The construction has already started on the addition.  We are approximately doubling the size of our Lincoln shop!  

This new area will expand our customer service check-in space, increase inventory on hand, and the crowning jewel, a 30-foot workbench for major space to handle those big orders we’ve been getting lately of 15-25 custom-built computers at once!  This will allow us to serve you even better. We are very excited about this new addition. As you know we have been serving the great city of Lincoln for over 25 years. Thank you for your friendship and continued support over the years. It is our hope that we will be able to serve you better and faster with the added space.

We are looking forward to using our new space in January, in the meantime, we are still open and serving Lincoln, Omaha, and surrounding areas. Call or come by one of our locations.

Quick Connect offers On-site Computer Repair and In-Store Computer Repair