Carry In PC Repair

Kris Yoder, Owner of Quick Connect Computer Repair Services in Lincoln & Omaha NE

Besides our professional on-site local computer repair services, we also provide carry-in PC repair for your computer and devices with curbside parking available. Our walk-in service is popular among our clients. When you arrive in our office with your computer, you will notice that we have a prominent button outside our office you can press to have a representative come out immediately and help you take your computer from your car if necessary. Once in our office, our open floor design and the contemporary environment will help you feel comfortable that you’ve chosen the right computer shop. NO HIDING behind a barrier at our office! When you come in, you will immediately see the work area where we are working on your computer.

Fast, Efficient Carry-In Repair

Our shops have over 25 full-sized workbenches, giving your computer a dedicated work area for your repair. Our technicians are constantly moving up and down the computer repair benches, giving each computer individual attention. While computers are running updates or scans,  technicians will move to the next computer. This keeps everything moving in an “assembly line” process. Our perfected bench computer repair technique allows us to work on multiple computers and keep in-store repair times QUICK and yet keep our computer services through. We’ve been in the PC repair business for over 20 years, each year we become more efficient at fixing computers!

Computer Tech benches in Lincoln NE store.

We stock a large inventory of computer hardware and software in our store so PC repairs are not waiting on parts. If a computer part special order, we work closely with vendors to keep turnaround time fast. Maintaining an in-store inventory for parts allows us to complete repairs faster than shops that have limited or no inventory. It is not possible to have every necessary part to fix a wide variety of computers in stock, but from experience, we know what parts are the most common and strive to keep our in-stock inventory relevant and effective in order to keep repairs moving back to the customers quickly. We get it, you need your computer repaired and you need it repaired FAST!

When your computer is repaired, you can opt to pick it up or use our free delivery and set up for our local carry-in customers. When on-site repairs need to come in, we will also deliver those computers back out to clients with a smile. We will work around YOU to offer you the best computer repair experience from start to finish.

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