Please Excuse our Mess!

In December Quick Connect began a huge expansion project at our Lincoln store to add a new customer check area, increased in-stock inventory, and increase the capacity of our workbench.  Our expansion project should be done by the time Spring arrives. We are excited to see this new space complete, however, in the meantime, things might be a bit messy while the edition is being worked on.

This will allow us to better serve you. For over 25 years, we have served the great city of Lincoln. Thank you for your friendship and support throughout the years. With the extra space, we hope to be able to serve you better and faster.

View our progress in the photos below.

Our new main bench will be located against this wall. The additional outlets being fitted can be seen; the bench will be on its own surge-protected circuit. A workstation with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard will be installed between each stud. The wires that are now dangling are Ethernet wires. We’re doing our own Ethernet wiring!