Good service behind the sale is what I value the most

Levi came today to install my new pc… So far, I am absolutely thrilled with it!!! I notice many little changes that are good, and different enough from my ACER that I really like.

I may stop in later this week to get my other shell if you still have it??? I would like to donate it to a theatre department to be used as a prop for productions.

I also told Levi I will be making you guys some cookies….you have taken good care of me and I appreciate it. I always like to do my business “locally” rather than save a few bucks and go with the big-name guys. Good service behind the sale is what I value the most, and Quick Connect definitely rates well on that scale. I feel very comfortable contacting your company with any future questions or purchases. I appreciate also that your techs don’t make me feel “uncomfortable” just because I don’t use all the modern technology that is available to me…

Thank you again, and keep up the good work!!!