I applaud you and your employee’s efforts


You perhaps don’t remember when we bought our unit from you. It was July 07 and we had just received a [named brand] tower and keyboard that was mis-represented. After 2 hours of being passed from their tech support (Ha) to customer support, I gave them 4 hours to fix the problem and let me know the out come or expect it back; they didn’t and the next day we ordered from you. Later that day they called and said they were sending a technician and a new monitor. I told them it was too late and that the credit card charge had been put in dispute and to come get the equipment.

My point is this. I’m a real pain in the butt when not happy. I try to be reasonable as long as those I’m dealing with are also. At the same time, I deeply believe one’s work should be praised with the same vigor as they are criticized when work falls short. I was in industrial sales for 25 years and always based my efforts on the theory that people do business with people; not companies. You have proved to me that you have a similar approach and I applaud you and your employee’s efforts.

Best regards,