Reassurance and Trust. 

We got an e-mail from Felicia explaining why she chooses to use Quick Connect for her computer needs.

Hello Kris, 

You once said that you sell computers. Do you mind if I tell you what you really sell? 

Reassurance and Trust. 

In our society many people are afraid of computers, and yet they depend on them for their livelihood. You provide reassurance to the customer. You tell them if there is a problem in the future, call me. I will come. What you sell is far more precious than computers. 

I have had the honor of watching how you operate. Bill Gates built [his] empire on trust. Many people think it was software. George Lucas built his empire on trust. 

Since 9/11 people have been searching for someone who they can trust. It is a powerful word. You have built Quick Connect on a strong foundation. I will enjoy watching it grow. You do have a brilliant mind and the ability to see what others cannot.