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Security Solutions

At Quick Connect Computer Services we can help provide a secure environment for your business. We currently offer a range of different security options to fit your business needs. We custom install security cameras inside and outside of your business. If your business requires outside surveillance, ask us about our security networks for large and industrial business buildings.Our cameras give you the ability to control and monitor activity 24 hours a day. With remote capabilities you can watch the video from your home computer, giving you the ability to stay on top, and ahead of the curve. We also allow you to record video for instant playback so you don't miss a second and can watch any incidents over again.

With our DVR recording system, we can help you watch instant replay on any incidents or replay any activity that may need to be reviewed from the last week. You can manage your DVR system to record weeks of security footage for safe keeping.

With many clients, off the shelf video surveillance systems do not meet your business needs. Video security camera systems are all unique, one size does not fit all. This is why we have professionals to plan and design a security system specifically for you. We will help you select a security camera for your business needs and put them together in a complete security system package with all the necessary components. Once you have received your system and everything has been installed, our professional team will help with all your questions during the process.