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On-Site Repair

Help! My PC Won't Work! has been our slogan since the beginning. The first call to Quick Connect will usually be as a last resort, hence the "HELP!". Then once they become customers, our clients grow accustomed to the excellent service we provide.

It is common to hear, "I should have called you guys long before I let my computer frustrate me", and "It was so easy for you." or "It is great to have someone local who can help me out of a bind."

We don't like to just do our job and move on though. We try to gain a customer for life. We are now supporting well over 10,000 customers in our business since 1996!

Most problems can be fixed within one hour with no hidden charges. So if you live in the Lincoln, Omaha or surrounding areas and are having problems with your computer, contact us and we will be glad to help you.

You can set an appointment online today.