Tired of Waiting on your PC?

Tired of waiting all day for your PC to boot up and applications to start? Stop by today to discuss upgrading that old platter hard drive to a new solid-state drive.

Solid State Drives (SSDs) work just like a Hard Disk Drive (HHD), only a lot faster.  It can decrease your loading times by 600%!  SSDs use non-volatile (flash) memory to store and access your computer’s data, instead of spinning platters and read/write heads.  This means that there are no moving parts and this makes a massive difference in performance.

More Benefits to an SSD Over HDD:

Durability & Reliability!

Hard Drive Drive (HDD)
  • Excessive heat can cause failures in hard drives,  the continual movement of an HDD can increase heat and cause it to break down over time.  An SSD doesn’t have moving parts so it can maintain a lower temperature.  Additionally, this makes an SSD better equipped to handle shakes, shocks, and everyday wear and tear –therefore less likely to experience data loss.  A perfect solution for laptops!

Lightning-fast speed!

  • We have already mentioned that an SSD is hundreds of times faster than an HDD.  This can decrease boot time, faster data transfer, and high bandwidth.

Power and Energy efficiency!

Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • No moving parts mean less power to operate when compared to the magnetic spinning disk of  HDD.  For a laptop, this can increase your battery longevity.

Less Weight, No Noise!

  • SDDs are smaller than HDDs.  Their small design is ideal for laptops and the absence of moving parts makes them infinitely quieter.

Our QC techs are well-versed in installing your new SSD and transferring all of your files without loss of data.

Pro Tip: If you have an open drive bay we can leave your old drive inside the case and use it as a secondary drive or as an internal backup location. No empty drive bay, no problem! HDDs can easily be converted to external drives.  This can give you a little extra space for… you know… stuff!