Remote Computer Repair

Our remote services are the fastest, simplest, and one of the least expensive methods of computer repair. Our remote services enable us to connect remotely while the technician is on the phone with you.  We will be able to see your screen and control the mouse and keyboard.  It is just like being right there with you working on your computer! Not all issues can be resolved via remote, but it can be a good place to start in some cases where Internet connectivity hasn’t been compromised.

Remote services can be initiated by phone or online. One of our QC technicians will contact you quickly, and schedule the remote service.  Often, we are able to connect immediately during business hours. The technician will connect to your computer safely and securely and guide you through the checks of the remote repair session.

QC Remote Computer Repair ServiceIn cases where the issue is hardware-based or unsolvable over a remote connection then the computer will need to be brought into one of our repair shops to have a technician take a look at it. Additionally, we offer on-site services, you can schedule a technician at your location to address the issue. We will schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Our technician will pick up your computer and take it into the shop if further work is required, at no additional charge.

We offer free pickup and delivery options. We will pick up your computer and bring it to our shop for repair. You will be updated on how repairs are progressing so you know the status of your computer repair. The computer can either be picked up or delivered to you once the repair is complete.

Our goal is to HELP!TM  you with your computer issues quickly and efficiently.  We are proud of our ability to HELP our clients quickly at Quick Connect Computer Services, and we love a challenge!