QuickBooks Tip: Merging Customers

Here is a tip for the day for those of you that have wondered how to Merge Customers in QuickBooks. There is no “merge” function for customers listed. The old way is to simply move all the transactions from one record to the duplicate record and delete the old record in QuickBooks. I suggest a much easier way to do it as follows:

  1. Find both records in your customer list first. Denote the main record that you want the transactions moved or merged into. Then write down the exact name of that customer.
  2. Then move to the record that you want to be merged. Simply open the record and write the name exactly as the record in the previous step. Then hit OK.
  3. Quick Books will notice that you now have two records with identical names and will then ask if you’d like to Merge them. Hit Ok again.
  4. It may warn you about doing this, read the warning but once you approve the merge, you’re done.

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