QCPC Benchmark Results

This week at Quick Connect we finished a custom built PC that is capable of gaming at 4K resolution. The machine was built with the newest, top of the line parts from Intel and Nvidia.

QCPC Extreme 4KWe recorded the benchmark scores for this machine with and without overclocking. 4K gaming is a walk in the park for this build, no overclocking needed. We paired the machine with a 32” UHD/4K monitor for an immersive gaming experience for our customer.   Included is an inside pic of the quality build that is standard with any PC we build.  Notice, wires are almost unnoticeable!

Our client had shopped around and after careful consideration, he chose us to do his build. We worked together to configure a machine that fit his budget but also fit his needs. So, the next time you are thinking about purchasing a gaming rig be sure to consider Quick Connect.