Is Computer Repair & Maintenance Necessary?


Is computer repair and maintenance really necessary? The short answer is ABSOLUTELY!

Computers have become a huge part of our day-to-day life and their uses are only growing. We use them at home, at work and just about everywhere in between. For most of us, being without a computer would be difficult, at the very least we would be less efficient and less informed. With computers playing such a large role in our lives, it is crucial to keep them running efficiently.

The best way to ensure a long and productive life of your computer is to perform regular PC maintenance and repair. Often times spotting minor computer problems can prevent major issues.

Prevent Data Loss

Less than 6% of users back uo there data on a daily basis
According to BackBlaze, only 6 percent of computer users back up their data daily

Data loss happens more often than you think. Computers normally run very reliably and this can give a user a false sense of security when it comes to their data. There are endless factors that can jeopardize your data. A computer virus, a data breach, a hard drive failure, a bad stick of ram, dropping your computer, theft, and a variety of other issues. Data loss does happen. And when it does, some very important information could be lost forever. Make sure you have a backup regiment in place and a backup plan that has redundancy included.

Many a time a run across a business that says yes, they have a backup! But upon examination, their backup plan consists of their Quick Books file backed up on a $20 USB Flash Drive. A good backup solution should be redundant and also be maintained. At Quick Connect, we can discuss how adding cloud storage and off-site backups can help you prepare against a data loss of any kind.

Of course, we all know we should save frequently, but do you? Do you really? And do you know even what a good, solid backup consists of? Let us explain!

Software Optimization

Sometimes the software can become degraded after having been executed numerous times during its life. This is a slow deterioration of code performance over time that can cause diminished responsiveness that will eventually lead to the software becoming riddled with errors and unusable. When regular maintenance is performed on your system, any software erosion should be identified and rectified.

Malware and Virus Protection

computers using outdated software are far more likely to get a virus or malware
According to Avast, 55% of all programs installed on personal computers running Windows are outdated.

We all know that there are new computer viruses and malware created and unleashed on the unsuspecting world of computers daily. We all think that computer viruses are something happens to other people… People far more reckless with there computer use then ourselves. The fact is there are a hundred different ways a computer can become infected with spyware, viruses, and malware. The reason most computers get infected, neglect. To protect your PC from the daily onslaught of computer viruses your operating system should be kept up-to-date. Operating systems are frequently the target of cyber-attacks and anyone who spends time online is vulnerable to infection.

Computer Speed

It is not often that you start up a brand-new computer and say “Wow. This thing is slow.” A year or so later, it’s a different story. Why is that? Well, your computer has probably become bogged down with software, a tremendous number of files, fragmented and disorganized files. All these, add time to the processing time.
There are other reasons your computer might slow down over time, of course, but most of these can be corrected with regular computer maintenance. Most computers come standard with system checks that will allow you to detect and clean up your operating system to improve the overall performance of your computer, but if there is a serious slowdown, it may be best to take your PC to an expert QC repair technician.

Computer Repair and Maintenance is Absolutely Necessary!

If you work a computer system hard, even a high-performance system, and never bother with maintenance or repair, it will eventually have problems. Like anything else routine PC and laptop maintenance will generally identify small issues and avoid larger, more costly repairs down the road. These more serious issues can often leave you without the computer you have been reliant on for days or even weeks and there is no question that regular computer maintenance and repair will cost you far less.

Quick Connect Computer Service is the top-rated computer repair shop in Lincoln and Omaha. If you are interested in setting up a routine computer repair and maintenance program, give us a call or bring your computer by one of our shops during business hours. We can diagnose your computer and offer flat-rate pricing and new customer discounts. We service all types of computers (PC, laptop, Mac) for your home and business.