Furry Friends Cause Fan Failure

Customer stated their computer fan wasn’t working in their laptop.  We know why!

Pet hair clogging up laptop fan causes overheating.Our QC repair technicians have seen it all when it comes to computer repair. If your computer or laptop fan isn’t working there is a possibility it is clogged up.  A fan that is not functioning properly can cause your computer to heat up more than it should. Excessive heat can cause critical parts of the computer to fail unexpectedly.

There are three common issues that can cause a clogged fan which can lead to overheating: dust, pet hair, and cigarette smoke.

Dust and Debris – Build up of common dust can interfere with the operation of your computer fans.

Pet Hair – Over time, pet hair can build up in your computer and cause serious problems that could necessitate a PC or Mac repair. Hair can get sucked in through your computer’s air vents where it can cause heavy clogging that might trigger overheating in your machine.

Cigarette Smoke – It might seem harmless enough for your computer, but if there’s dust already in your machine, smoke can stick to it creating a tar-like substance that can be very damaging and difficult to remove. This can block the airflow generated by your computer’s fan, leading to overheating.

You can avoid problems caused by dust, pet hair, or cigarette smoke by using a compressed air or small electric blower to clean out your computer case at least once a year. You can also minimize buildup by keeping your computer off the floor.  You can also bring it to us and we can clean your laptop before it causes damage due to overheating!

If your computer fails and you, find yourself in need of a repair technician, give us a call or come into our store in Lincoln or Omaha.