Need a Laptop for College?

Laptop for college

Attention all students and parents with students! Every student needs a laptop for college, but college is expensive.  Tuition, housing, books, meal plans…  It all adds up.  So, you want a computer that will last throughout years of note-taking, middle-of-the-night paper writing, not to mention streaming video, listening to music, uploading photos, and video chatting with family and friends back home.

Depending on your major, you may need something more powerful, such as design or engineering.  If you are unsure what you will need, check with your college.  Most college departments have minimum laptop specifications.  The laptop requirements for a history major will be vastly different from that of a film student, so this is important.

QCPC Laptop is Perfect for College

Quick Connect Computer Services can HELP! you get the perfect computer to fit your college needs.  We sell all the major brands and if you have a problem after the sale, the warranty is taken care of locally by QC. 

Quick Connect can transfer data from an old computer. ** We can even install any applications that you will need for school.  We can install a printer, and configure your email. All the leg work is included.

Oftentimes, computers come from the manufacturer with tons of “bloatware” and built-in advertisements.  We remove all of this from all our QCPCs (Big box stores charge extra for this service).

Additionally, we can deliver (local only) it to your home or school and methodically install it for you.  And if you have any issues with the computer, we provide a NO CHARGE follow-up period of 60 days. Just in case we need to put a finishing touch on anything or if anything needs to be tweaked.

All of this for a similar price you would pay elsewhere. Why wouldn’t you buy a laptop from Quick Connect?  We provide the best computers with the best service in Lincoln and Omaha!

**Some restrictions apply to the free installation time included but most of the time there is no charge.

If a QCPC interests you, please feel free to request a quote or contact us for details.