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Computer Help Articles

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AMD and Intel’s 8 Core Processors

Apr 18

There is perhaps a great deal of confusion stirred by the way AMD and Intel market their processors in the past few years. We're here today to hopefully clear up some of that confusion with an explanation on how their products work, as well as what you are truly getting when you purchase one of their processors from either one of Intel's Ivy Bridge or AMD's Piledriver lines. We hope you enjoy this tidbit!!

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Windows 8 boot to desktop

Feb 12

If your computer has the new Windows 8 Operating System, you may be surprised to see the classic Start Menu missing from your system. Read more

Windows 7 Tricks

Mar 26

So you just got a new computer with Windows 7 and you wonder to yourself, “What are some cool tips or tricks that are new in Windows 7?” There are times when you want to have two windows open at a time such as writing a paper while reading an online reference. In previous versions of Windows, you would have to manually resize both the windows until both took up about half of the screen. With the trick I’m going to show here, that is no longer an issue. It is also doubly useful if you have multiple screens. Read more

Hybrid Hard drives

Sep 09


Want your laptop or desktop pc to have the speed of a SSD but still out of your price range?   I stumbled upon these a few months back but they have actually been on the market for a considerable amount of time.  Seagate makes a 500 GB 2.5″ Hybrid Hard Drive that combines the speed of solid state with the affordability and size associated with a traditional hard drive.  They have 4 GB of Solid State that is essentially used as a large cache for a traditional 7200 RPM hard drive.  The drive is also adaptive so it actually gets faster over time.  This means that the drive has software that distinguishes the files that are being accessed the most and caches them first so as you use your PC, it will get smoother and operate faster.   And since this is a 500 GB drive, there is plenty of space for your operating system as well as storage space.  Seagate claims that these drives will improve boot time by up to 50% and are up to 1.5 times faster than a 7200 RPM drive.  I believe it since our test machine boots in 15-20 seconds!   They are fast, affordable and also have a 5yr warranty on them.  Since a 500 GB SSD could run upwards of $1000, these are almost one tenth of the cost so they don’t break the bank either.  If you are interested in a considerable upgrade, contact Quick Connect!

Roku player at

May 27

Have you ever considered cancelling your cable because the monthly bill is getting too high?  I have and with the emergence of internet streaming capabilities there is now a decent  alternative to cable.   Look into a Roku player at  They start at $59 and are well worth it.  It allows users to hook up a little box to their TV and stream movies, TV shows, and other media instantly.  It has a very simple interface that will link to your Netflix,  Hulu Plus,  and PlayOn accounts with ease.  No need for an expensive TV, PC, or gaming console at all.  It has a large library of free and fee based channels to choose from and an endless list of content if you are a current Netflix subscriber.  It also comes with its own remote control or can be programmed into several universal remotes as well.  It is not free, and you still have to pay for some content, but it is a less expensive alternative to consider.  Users do have to have it connected to their home network for it work but we are here to help if you have any troubles getting it installed!

Calendar Sync Options To Your Mobile Device

May 25

For those users (like me) that want to keep their Palm Desktop calendar and yet move on to a more up to date google calendar with all its features... try The best part about a google calendar is the ability to easily sync with all of your internet connected devices: your phone, your tablet, your computer, etc all work. Android, iPhone, iPad, HP webOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian. The cost is less than $50 for the software so price is reasonable. Auto sync can be setup also for those who forget to sync. The google calendar does not support colored categories so that is a let down for Palm users. The sync is both ways so if you sync to your gmail calendar and make changes, the updates go back to your Palm Desktop. Any version 4 and above is supported. If you need help getting this working for you, let us know Contact Us Today!.

Common Troubleshooting Tasks

Apr 24

Power Cycling the Equipment: When you are having network or Internet issues, what does it mean when we ask if you have power cycled your equipment? Well, it's actually much simpler than it sounds. Read more

Raid Levels and Backups for Small Business

Apr 24

In today's data intensive environment it is more important than ever to backup your data.  And in today's hardware environment we have super fast processors and large amounts of memory.  The slowest parts in most modern PCs are typically your hard drives. Read more

The Importance of Backups

Apr 24

Hard drives are one of the few moving parts in a computer and are very sensitive ones at that. As such, they have many different ways in which they can fail. One way is by what’s called a “head crash.” Hard drives are like a more high-tech record player.  The platters spin anywhere from 5,400rpms up to 15,000rpms while the head reads the data. The head never actually touches the platters and instead uses air pressure to float above it, reading the magnetic data. If the head touches the platters, it could actually scrape the thin magnetic material off of the platter. This can happen due to electronic failure, sudden power loss, physical shock, contamination of the drive itself, or just typical wear and tear. On top of that failure, there can also be a failure of the spindle that spins the platters, the actuator arm that moves the head, or even the electronic board and software that drives the hard drive. There’s also a possibility of the data itself being corrupt or unreadable, whether that be due to what’s called a bad sector or the data just not being written properly.

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Speeding up Windows: Visual Settings

Apr 24

There are many ways you can tweak windows to help performance of the PC and the efficiency of the user. In this article, we will touch on one small tweak that you can add to help make a difference. Read more