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Lincoln City Libraries Featured Project

Our featured projects highlight our work for clients that were in need of in-depth consultation and service.
Lincoln City Libraries Logo

Lincoln City Libraries

For the Lincoln City Libraries we redesigned their website, created a new logo and branding, and developed a custom web based Content Management System (CMS).
Screenshot of Lincoln City Libraries Main Page
Lincoln City Libraries wanted their new site to be a destination, not just a place to renew your books online. We took their input and created a unique design and developed a custom Content Management System (CMS) to maintain their site.
Screenshot of Lincoln City Libraries Teens Page
For their design we created three separate templates for the main areas of their site - Main Pages, Teens Page and Kids Page. For the Kids page we used bright, playful colors and created a custom mascot, Linc, that they can use to promote the libraries with kids. On the Teens page we created a hip and cool place for Teens to find information relevant to them. We also created a new logo for their web site to update their old one that was hard to interpret.
Screenshot of the Lincoln City Libraries Kids Page
Their new web based CMS gives them almost complete control over their website with the following features:
  • Add, edit, and delete pages whenever they need to using an online text editor similar to Microsoft Word
    • Each page can have a different template using any of the three templates we developed for each section of their site
    • Pages can be public, or protected so only staff can see them
  • Organize content into categories and with tags
  • A customized blogging platform
    • Visitors can comment on blogs and the comments are "threaded" to facilitate discussion
  • Promote books on different sections of the site
  • RSS Feeds for their blogs
  • Update their site navigation
The content management system we developed for LCL allows them to update their site when they need to, in an easy and straight forward manner. There's no waiting for the "web guy" to do it. If you're interested in what all we can do to make your website easier to use and maintain, improve your company's image or even possibly increase your online revenue, please contact us for a free consultation.
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